Engaging with Harry involves a total commitment by all parties to engage in an ego-less, collaborative conversation that gets to four core questions:

Why – if we don’t know why we are doing something, why do we believe others need and value what we do? Why do we believe we are the best at it?

What – if we don’t focus on measurable outcomes, how can we proceed with a solution? Fuzzy objectives or focusing on how to get to a destination without defining it properly may lead to confusion, frustration, resource waste and inappropriate or incomplete results.

How  – only after establishing the “why” and the “what” can we focus on the strategic and tactical solution, bringing all the elements together to create a solution.

How do we know – having answers to the previous three questions only has value when we can back up our assertions with demonstrable, fact-based information.

Harry asks a lot of questions and was once described as the “asker of audacious questions” by a client.  He asks them not to challenge the knowledge of others but to enhance his own understanding.

His approach can best be illustrated in the diagram found here.

He doesn’t provide off-the-shelf offerings. Your needs are unique to you and your organization. The solution to your challenges must therefore be unique to you, otherwise the chance of an off-the-shelf solution hitting your requirements perfectly is slim to none.

Harry brings passion, respect, transparency, authenticity, collaboration, accountability and responsibility to every project and asks that clients bring the same commitment to the dialog.  He has often been quoted as saying “we are either all in it or not in it at all”. This is essential to a collaborative success – a totally ego-less immersion in the challenge at hand with a focus on measurable outcomes.