Mind Maps

Harry enjoys expressing ideas using mind maps, some examples of which are shown below.

Connecting the Dots Project

He is currently exploring the notion of significant people / events in our lives, how they come to be, whether we choose them or have them chosen for us, how we measure their effect / influence, what their cumulative effect is, whether the order that they appear in our lives is significant, etc.

His mind maps around this exploration can be found in the Connecting the Dots mind map series. Comments or questions may be directed to Harry via email.


  • Version 9 is in progress and will be posted here when complete.  Notes can be found here.
  • Version 8 can be found here.
  • Version 7b can be found here.
  • Version 7 can be found here.
  • Beta Version 7 (raw) discussion document from Doug Picirillo can be found here.  A newer, less raw version will be posted shortly.
  • Version 6 can be found here.

Other Mind Maps

Here is a sampling of other mind maps he has produced over the years: