Algo Trading

Harry combines his extensive Wall St. background, his high-availability / high-extensibility / high-performance technology architecture background and his machine learning / predictive analytics experience to produce complex, high-performing, self-adapting algorithmic trading platforms.

The trading platform includes but is not limited to:

  • Classic long / short trading,
  • Crypto support,
  • Forex pair support,
  • Implementation of over 100 technical trading patterns that provide for support / verification in trade execution,
  • Support for strategies in the areas of trend-following, counter trend, pattern recognition and automated sentiment analysis (natural language processing),
  • Arbitrage (in progress),
  • User-definable hard and soft constraints and weighting rules that direct the behavior of the algorithms,
  • Machine learning techniques that analyze the algo’s performance and modify its own execution in real time,
  • Dashboard to monitor algo health, trade activity and algo thinking,
  • Cloud-based architecture that supports remote control and monitoring.