A varied and incomplete list of Harry’s interests:

  • Stoic philosopher (Aurelius, Seneca and Epictetus keep me on track),
  • Critical thinker,
  • Long distance bicyclist,
  • Student of history,
  • Lover of mathematics,
  • Information architect who combines known constructs in innovative and useful new variants,
  • Avid chess player ( 1776 correspondence rating ) and board game collector,
  • Aviation enthusiast with a little stick time in a Cessna 182 Skylane,
  • Stamp collector,
  • Martial artist,
  • Licensed ham radio operator,
  • Perpetual student of measuring and predicting human behavior,
  • Student of effective communication, dialog and collaboration,
  • Defender of the downtrodden and those without a voice (battered women’s shelters in particular),
  • Process, methodology and framework enthusiast (in effective and not constraining adaptations and combinations),
  • Amateur student of astronomy, physics and quantum mechanics,
  • Board member of various charities,
  • Kitchen experimenter.