Harry is a huge fan of mind mapping and the ability to create a message that appeals to different audiences no matter what their personal or professional background.

While he can often be found mapping out solutions to complex problems, he has also been occasionally found to be mapping out other things that rattle around in his brain.

Here are some select maps of varied detail / relevance for your interest.

Backcasting – the process I use for creating strategy (also known as right-to-left forecasting)

Connecting the Dots – a whimsical exploration around significant people / events in our lives, how they come to be, whether we choose them or have them chosen for us, how we measure their effect / influence, what their cumulative effect is, whether the order that they appear in our lives is significant, etc.

The Interplay of Our Strengths – what if science and faith combined to explain how our strengths work together

4 Steps to Simplified Problem Solving – a simplistic model of problem solving

Leadership Definition – an old, cluttered diagram that someday will be made to look prettier

Enterprise Modeling – A self-explanatory musing on continuous improvement and the balanced scorecard

The Motivated Employee – a musing on what constitutes a motivated employee

Life Cycle of Results – a concept that popped into my head one day regarding the cycle that we tend to go through in Life

Goal Setting Program – a complicated diagram illustrating a goal setting program created years ago for inner city kids in NYC

Youth Formation – what if designing a child were like ordering options for a new car (a very old, not super-relevant musing that I left here in case anyone was interested)

Stewardship – thoughts on the components of stewardship

Changing Our Collective Direction – some random thoughts on changing the direction of various levels of society

Engaging the Populace – an old draft of how engage citizens in creating a better society

Aviation Runway Incursion Model – an old draft of the things that contribute to runway incursions (was used in a runway incursion prevention model)