Harry's Areas of Expertise


Harry guides organizations through challenging human capital, business and technology transitions using predictable, measurable outcomes and an evidence-based approach to execution. Harry provides corporate clients, ranging from startups to Fortune 25 CxOs, with strategy services in the following areas: Project Planning / Project Realignment with experience managing individual budgets up to $100 million, Team Building / Effectiveness

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ML / Predictive Analytics

Harry has been working on machine learning and predictive analytics algorithms for years and long before machine learning was “a thing”. Machine learning problems that he has worked on fall within all gamuts of the machine learning space of supervised, unsupervized, semi-supervised and reinforcement machine learning problems. He has architected / developed a number of

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Algo Trading

Harry combines his extensive Wall St. background, his high-availability / high-extensibility / high-performance technology architecture background and his machine learning / predictive analytics experience to produce complex, high-performing, self-adapting algorithmic trading platforms. The trading platform includes but is not limited to: Classic long / short trading, Crypto support, Forex pair support, Implementation of over 100

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Human Behavior Prediction

With an IPO and another major company sale in a related field, Harry has worked for years in the area of capturing, measuring and predicting human behavior mathematically. The models he and his teams have implemented mathematically measure and predict behavior of individuals, organizations and disparate groups using: 15+ risk prediction attributes. 6 critical thinking

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Technology Leadership

Harry has played a number of roles in his career including but not limited to: CTO (cofounder) – for a human capital optimization company that subsequently participated in a complex M&A / IPO, CEO – human behavior prediction company subsequently acquired by a US hedge fund. CEO / CVO (cofounder) – not-for-profit that mathematically measures

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Investment / M&A Guidance

Harry has a strong track record of success in assisting organizations acquire seed and growth capital for projects ranging from $10 million to more than $100 million and providing guidance to organizations involved in merger and acquisition opportunities. With his strong background in technology and business and a large network in both areas, Harry brings

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