Human Behavior Prediction

With an IPO and another major company sale in a related field, Harry has worked for years in the area of capturing, measuring and predicting human behavior mathematically.

The models he and his teams have implemented mathematically measure and predict behavior of individuals, organizations and disparate groups using:

  • 15+ risk prediction attributes.
  • 6 critical thinking abilities,
  • 10 choice avoidance criteria,
  • 40+ awareness factors including a number of difference bias elements, effects and adaptations,
  • 20+ external influence impacts,
  • 6 individual execution attributes,
  • 7 ego-focused attributes,
  • 11 self-motivators,
  • 4 guiding principle definitions.

The implementations provide for various levels of monitoring ranging from passive to proactive prediction. The proactive prediction implementation can, depending on depth of technology deployment / integration with client architecture, monitor performance and intentions of staff in real time (monitoring SMS, email and other communication) to anticipate behavior and potentially avoid improper staff performance.

The models also provide for what-if scenario analysis, allowing analysts to determine what individuals or groups would do in specific scenarios. Specific implementations have included aviation safety, law enforcement, security and emergency preparedness.