Technology Leadership

Harry has played a number of roles in his career including but not limited to:

  • CTO (cofounder) – for a human capital optimization company that subsequently participated in a complex M&A / IPO,
  • CEO – human behavior prediction company subsequently acquired by a US hedge fund.
  • CEO / CVO (cofounder) – not-for-profit that mathematically measures not-for-profit impact on the planet and provides guidance / assistance to improve not-for-profit impact,
  • CEO (founder) – algorithm trading application company,
  • DBA – high performance Wall Street and human capital applications,
  • Architect – large scale / high performance applications in banking, insurance, stock market, retail, aviation, human behavior prediction, and algo trading,
  • Process Keeper – implementer of best practices in architecture, process and frameworks including but not limited to agile, TOGAF, ITIL, CMMI, CoBIT and others,
  • Project Manager – too many projects to even think about
  • Developer – Conversant in over 40 languages (no one is an expert) including Python, R, C++, Java, Go and others (you can’t architect / manage development teams unless you live in their world).