ML / Predictive Analytics

Harry has been working on machine learning and predictive analytics algorithms for years and long before machine learning was “a thing”. Machine learning problems that he has worked on fall within all gamuts of the machine learning space of supervised, unsupervized, semi-supervised and reinforcement machine learning problems.

He has architected / developed a number of machine learning solutions including in the areas of:

  • Insurance – underwriting and fraud prevention,
  • Financial services – market analysis, portfolio analysis, credit card risk assessment,
  • Law enforcement – scenario analysis for catastrophic event planning / emergency preparedness, criminal activity prediction / prevention,
  • Human capital optimization – designing optimal schedules and just-in-time collaboration potential between disparate individuals and groups,
  • Human behavior prediction – measuring / predicting / directing human behavior in retail, banking and sales and marketing,
  • Algorithmic trading – automated market analysis and trade execution, with machine l earning components that evaluate trading results to provide for autonomous tuning of execution in real time,
  • Aviation safety – automated, real time analysis / prevention of runway incursions, a multi-billion dollar problem in the aviation industry.