Harry guides organizations through challenging human capital, business and technology transitions using predictable, measurable outcomes and an evidence-based approach to execution.

Harry provides corporate clients, ranging from startups to Fortune 25 CxOs, with strategy services in the following areas:

  • Project Planning / Project Realignment with experience managing individual budgets up to $100 million,
  • Team Building / Effectiveness Assessment / Skillset Retasking using a non-subjective, strengths-centric, evidence-based approach,
  • Leadership Mentoring including C-level support,
  • Due Diligence using a unique, objective methodology to provide consistent evaluation of the current / future state of an organization in the areas of strategy, communication, critical-thinking, evidence-based execution, team effectiveness and technology adoption,
  • Risk Mitigation / Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery / Emergency Preparedness using best-of-breed practices, frameworks, methodologies and technologies,
  • Mergers & Acquisitions guidance,
  • Governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) guidance including data privacy, data security and compliance with SOX, HIPAA and other legislation / regulation.